Alley MIC House Rules   


  1. The front door must be closed at all times, guests should be notified to ring the doorbell for access. Staff will gladly answer and open the door.

  2. Booking time is inclusive of setup and cleanup, all guests should be out at end of booking, staff will remind 30 minutes prior to end time. Extra booking fee in half-hour intervals.

  3. Please do not lean on, stand on or take apart any Lego pieces without approval from staff.

  4. Please notify staff of any spillage so we can clean it up

  5. No food or drinks on the pool table, short notice pool table cleanup costs $300+

  6. All artwork should not be moved without staff consent

  7. All catering food with heating element should be attended to 

  8. Hosts are responsible to remove all leftover food and beverages, $25 fee for each 30-gallon bag.

  9. Rates are for private events, inquire if you are planning an event where you are selling tickets for

  10. Adults must be present if hosting a party for minors.

  11. Audio levels are controlled and should not be adjusted without the consent of staff.

  12. All lighting and equipment adjustments should be done by staff, we are happy to do it for you.

  13. Cleaning fee includes taking out the trash/recycle, wipe down, vacuum and mop. Excessive trash left on table, floors, and furniture will incur extra cleaning fees.

  14. The fire escape door must not be opened, it will trigger an alarm which will evacuate everybody in the building. A fine of $500 will be the responsibility of the host of the event.

  15. The maximum capacity is 50 and a fee of $5 per person will be added if this is exceeded.

  16. All decorations should be approved by staff prior to hanging, we have the ladders and tapes and we are happy to help.

  17. Please do not smoke outside of the front door